mojo updates

This page lists the important updates to mojo.
Many other releases are either minor bug fixes or styling updates.


v270 - 25/11/2022

  1. Email sending system to be able to provide updates to mojo users as required.
  2. Update to email sent from mojo to managers and Administrators to include company name. 
  3. Various bug fixes. 


v261 - 19/10/2022

  1. The new home for mojo, with information for people interested in mojo. 
  2. Fix issue when a member was archived it was marking the selected members as archived but unfortunately it was also removing the archived status of any members who were previously archived. 
  3. Prevent an admin from archive themselves.  


v211 - 22/08/2022

  1. Updated date in Historic tables. 
  2. New "Show/hide all" button on historic charts. 
  3. Motivator icons link to Knowledge base section. 
  4. Help icons improved visibility.  
  5. Various bug fixes. 


v181 - 22/06/2022

  1. Added (this) mojo updates section.
  2. Rank History now added in My view.
  3. Motivation Satisfaction History in My view.
  4. Bug fixes including viewing team as an Administrator & for custom reward per company.
  5. Fix login issue if using original signup set password link.


v175 - 01/06/2022

  1. Administrators can set direct reports of members - This creates a default "My Direct Reports" team.
  2. Emails sent when a direct report completes a map.
  3. Emails sent to managers of teams when map is completed.
  4. Links changed from Pink to white underline.
  5. Team satisfaction toggle to highlight Action, Risk, Boost & Optimal.
  6. CSV update - removes spaces and ; from email column.
  7. Added Print styles for dashboard.
  8. Administrators can now make another member an administrator.
  9. Full date of previous map shown in the Motivation Score History graph.